White Glove Hot Tub Service

white glove hot tub service

Bubbles? Water cloudy? Dirty water line? Busy work schedule? Do you ever feel like that $5,000, or even $20,000 hot tub in your backyard gets neglected and forgotten about? Or do you just want to protect your investment? Your tub is for your Wellness and Relaxation, and should not be the cause of anxiety and stress. Fortunately, there’s a solution!

Our White Glove Hot Tub Service crew has been trained to keep your tub looking and feeling new, inside and out! We will hand wash your spa and cover, check and clean filters, balance water chemicals, clean build-up on water line, remove debris in water, and give your tub an overall health evaluation. This keeps you one step ahead of any upcoming maintenance issues and will help keep your tub looking and feeling like new! We will also be your personal water care adviser, helping you along the journey of caring for your investment.

Hot Tub Services Checklist

Spa water tested and balanced as needed.

Filters cleaned or replaced as needed (Filters billed separately)

Clean and condition cover.
Start-up products added.
Add water to the spa if level is low.

Silver Ion Cartridge replaced as needed (Cartridges billed Separately)

Spa turned on and functions tested.
Report any possible service needs.

30 MIN $50 1 HOUR $100 1.5 HOURS $150

White Glove Hot Tub Service Order Form

  • Select the package that’s right for you and our White Glove Hot Tub Services Manager will contact you to get you started.
  • I understand my White Glove Hot Tub Service does not include ANY repair or maintenance of any spa parts, plumbing, controls, or other service that would normally be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty or performed by a certified spa technician. Water care products are not provided. I agree to have water care products delivered to my home when my White Glove Hot Tub Service is performed, and paid prior to my scheduled White Glove Hot Tub Service.
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