Caldera Shopper Questions

Caldera Shopper Questions

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Hot Tub Cost

Prices vary based on size, materials used, components, design/engineering and overall quality.

How Do I Begin the Research Process?

The best place to begin your research is online. Most of the better hot tub brands will have product reviews and how to articles.

What are Costs to Install?

The overall cost can vary depending on size, location and complexity.

How Much Will My Utility Bill Increase?

Portable spas are designed to keep water at an ideal tempreture that keeps energy costs down.

Will Spa be Difficult to Maintain?

We are here to help maintain your spa for people who lack the time, expertise or interest.

Is it Hard to Keep Water Clean?

Use chlorine, Bromine, or Ozone Systems to keep your water clean.

Do I Really Need a Hot Tub?

Using your hot tub often will help you rejuvenate your body in mind and connect with others.

Prepare Space for a Hot Tub

Affordable Spas is here for consultation, help you design a custom backyard solution or point you to a contractor.

What Features Should I Look For?

Look for the size of the tub, how well it maintains water and who the manufacturer is.

Who Will Fix it if it Breaks?

Affordable Spas trained professionals for repairs and maintenance. Defects in the spa, you will most likely be covered under the manufacturer’s warranty.

Find the Right Caldera Spa for You

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